Custom Research

Tailored Research Solutions: The Intellect Markets Approach

At Intellect Markets, we appreciate that every business is unique and requires specific, targeted insights to drive their growth and development. That’s why we specialise in Custom Research, a service designed to meet your precise requirements and support your unique business dynamics.

Custom Research is a distinctive type of study commissioned and executed for an individual organisation—our client. Our role is to manage this tailored research, delivering data and insights that are directly aligned with your requirements. In this context, you, as the client, retain control over the research scope, survey participants, questionnaires, quotas, and more, resulting in truly customised intelligence.

This approach is highly effective when you require insights that are intimately connected to your business characteristics. Our custom research service provides mission-critical intelligence in areas such as:

  • Market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting
  • Identification of technology trends, industry drivers, and regulatory factors
  • Market share analysis
  • Competitive intelligence and profiling
  • Acquisition, candidate identification and due diligence
  • Channel analysis
  • Value chain analysis, including profitability and level of integration
  • Voice of customers, such as unmet needs and purchasing criteria
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Patent Landscape
  • Epidemiology Insights
  • Drug Insights
  • Trade Analysis
  • Key Developments (product launch and others)
  • Others

We apply a custom blend of face-to-face and online research, workshops, and focus groups tailored to your business needs, leveraging our extensive customer database. This offers unparalleled access to the perspectives of the decision-makers you need to understand.

Our seasoned teams, armed with broad industry knowledge, conduct comprehensive interviews with key players within your target companies and across the value chain. From the data gathered, we distil relevant insights and recommendations that can guide your business strategy.

Custom Surveys & Research

We're experts at creating and executing unique surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other data collection methods. Whether you're utilising existing data or starting anew, we help formulate the right questions and guide you to the answers.

Program Evaluation

Benefit from insightful research findings for your internal assessments or to share with key donors or stakeholders. Gauge your impact or pinpoint a problem for more effective action.

Grant Support

We understand the significance of robust data when applying for funding or grants, which often necessitate a commitment to measurable outcomes. We provide support throughout this critical process.

Additional Custom Research Services

We are committed to fostering knowledge. Our reports are not only insightful but also engaging and educational. Alongside, we offer a variety of custom research services designed to best meet your imperatives. Partner with us for solutions that resonate with your business vision and goals.